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About M-Shield

M-Shield (Mediografy Online) provide disinfection services for home sanitization, office sanitization, residential common spaces disinfection, and also on other commercial spaces such as shops, schools, restaurants, clinics, sports centers or any other place. Different disinfection processes are used based on the need and the space that requires to be disinfected.

Get complete disinfection & sanitization services in Kolkata, done using industry leading EPA & FDA Approved Chemicals which are 100% safe for indoor use. Disinfection & Sanitization kills not only viruses but against broad specturm of disease causing micro-organisms. We cater all residential & commercial spaces.

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Places we Sanitize:

Home Sanitization
Office Sanitization
Bank Sanitization
Residential Appartment Sanitization
Commercial Complex Sanitization
Schools, Universities, College Sanitization
Hotel / Restaurant Sanitization
Clubs / Salon / Spa Sanitization
Other Places.

Process is carried out by Professional wearing safety PPE Kits, Gloves & Face Masks to avoid contact with the customer.

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63, Jugipara Road, Kolkata - 700 028

Tel: +91-94321-80208

Tel: +91-83358-33326



M-Shield is a venture of Mediografy Online